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Asset99 Homes Pvt Ltd Partners with Lemon Dot Media and Generates 56 Crore Revenue through Social Media Marketing: A Case Study

Located in the Indian state of Bihar, Asset 99 Homes Pvt Ltd is a real estate business that focuses on plots and apartments. To increase its reach and produce more leads on social media in 2021, the business teamed up with Lemon Dot Media, a social media marketing company.

The Problem:

Asset 99 Homes historically depended on conventional marketing strategies to reach their target audience, including print 99 Acres, Magicbricks, and all other websites that advertise properties. They had trouble, though, reaching a larger audience and producing qualified leads that would result in sales. They asked Lemon Dot Media to help them with the problem of using social media marketing to boost their brand’s visibility and produce high-quality leads.

The Solution:

For Asset 99 Homes Pvt Ltd, Lemon Dot Media created a thorough social media marketing plan that comprised the following:

  1. Establishing a strong social media presence: Lemon Dot Media set up and optimised social media profiles for Asset 99 Homes Pvt Ltd on all of the major networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.
  2. Material Creation: To highlight the properties, facilities, and features of Asset 99 Homes, they produced excellent, visually appealing, and captivating material. Photos, films, and infographics were used to illustrate the process of real estate development and to highlight the distinctive aspects of each project.
  3. Targeted Advertising: Based on demographic, interest, and behavioural targeting, Lemon Dot Media employed Facebook and Instagram advertisements to reach the desired audience. Retargeting advertising were also utilised to follow up with individuals who had previously expressed interest in the properties offered by Asset 99 Homes.
  4. Influencer marketing: To promote Asset 99 Homes’ homes and raise brand awareness, Lemon Dot Media worked with key social media influencers.

The outcome:

Asset 99 Homes experienced a considerable improvement in brand recognition, high-quality leads, and revenue within the first 15 months of the partnership with Lemon Dot Media. Through social media marketing alone, they brought in 56 crores in income and more than 5,000 leads throughout the campaign. In addition, their social media following dramatically increased, reaching over 2000000 People.

Finally, Asset 99 Homes‘ collaboration with Lemon Dot Media was a huge success. They were able to reach a larger audience, create quality leads, and improve income by establishing a thorough social media marketing plan. This case study demonstrates the efficacy of social media marketing in the real estate business and emphasises the significance of maintaining a strong social media presence in today’s digital age.

We Receive Feedback

The collaboration between Asset 99 Homes and Lemon Dot Media was game-changing. Sunny, the owner of Asset 99 Homes, applauded the firm for its professionalism, experience, and dedication to producing outcomes.

He was amazed at the quality of content provided by Lemon Dot Media and how effectively they were able to target the correct people.

Sunny went on to say that the income generated by the campaign exceeded their expectations, and they were able to close many sales as a result of the leads generated through social media. He extended his appreciation to the Lemon Dot Media team for their hard work and dedication to the project. Sunny was pleased with the outcome and mentioned that he will continue to collaborate with Lemon Dot Media on future projects.

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